Sue presented to our office with chronic hip bursitis for several years which required cortisone injections every 3 months just to control the pain.  Before starting care in our office, she rated her hip pain (0-10 scale, 10 being worst) at a 9.

A few short weeks later, she rated her hip pain at 0!

“Amazing! I no longer have ANY bursitis pain!I’m healed!”


Much like knees and feet, if your hips are painful, stiff and inflamed it can really stop you in your tracks.  You know exercise is key to regaining the function of your hips but how are you supposed to exercise when the more you move, the worse you feel?

And not only does hip pain make it painful to walk, sit or even turn over in bed, have you noticed the pain starting to spread to your low back and knees?

Sports and physical injury concept. Cropped shot of African jogger in black sportswear and running shoes having twitch or sprain in his red knee, standing outdoors, rubbing sore area with his hands
Medical concept, man suffering  with knee painful - skeleton x-r

In order to resolve chronic hip pain, arthritis or bursitis, it’s vitally important that three components are addressed properly:

  • Eliminate inflammation of the joint
  • Rebalance the pelvis
  • Strengthen the hip and improve flexibility

    Address only one or two of these and treatment will often fall short and more invasive procedures will typically follow.  Address all three and the chances of success goes through the roof!

    These components are addressed through the use of:

    Laser work

    Gentle chiropractic care

    Specific hip and pelvis strengthening exercises

    Targeted stretching

    Our Hip Pain protocol is also able to address these components without the use of medications or shots and our protocol is absolutely painless.

    You could be on your way to pain free and more flexible hips in just a few weeks.

    To find out if our Hip Pain protocol can help you, simply call our office and schedule an no-cost, no-obligation consultation today.

    To find out if we can help you simply call our office and set up a no-cost, no-obligation consultation



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