(and related conditions such as Achilles tendonitis, heel spurs, etc.)

Plantar Fasciitis is notoriously tricky to treat and you often end up with shots in the foot, expensive orthotics, walking boots and a LOT of frustration. In fact, most of those we’ve successfully treated had already done those things yet were still struggling with being able to walk, exercise or just enjoy activities outside with their family.

We’ve had a lot of success with people suffering with Plantar Fasciitis, some of whom had been dealing with it for YEARS. Yes, that means you DON’T have to get out of bed and limp to the bathroom in the morning like you’re walking on broken glass!

Our comprehensive, painless protocol is centered around two different types of lasers along with other easy-to-implement home instructions that helps to eliminate inflammation and pain and finally heal and strengthen the foot naturally.


Our protocol involves no drugs, no shots, no orthotics, no pain.

Dianne recently went through our Plantar Fasciitis program. She struggled for 10 weeks with painful walking and standing and had tried several different things with no results. When she presented to our office she was concerned because she had a previously scheduled dream vacation that was approaching in 5 weeks and it wasn’t looking good that she’d even be able to go due to the foot pain.

She started the protocol and in just 5 weeks, she was virtually pain-free and not only went on that vacation but was able to do several 10+/hour hikes and walking tours!

“It was amazing. I could not believe I had relief after just one treatment and then continued from there.”

Look, chronic foot pain is no joke and can get out of control, sometimes plaguing you for years. If you’re just starting with it don’t let it go and if you think you’ve tried everything and are discouraged, don’t give up.

Another patient went through our Plantar Fasciitis program after suffering for over a year and had tried almost everything including physical therapy, stretching, ice, tape, dry needling, medication and orthotics.  On a 0-10 scale (10 being worst) she rated her pain level before starting our program at a 9.

Several weeks later she rated her pain level at a 0!

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